E32 – Let Me Google That For You

Seth and Matt decide to start a ska band and get skanky in the pit. Matt is experienced in everything science related alphabetically A though K; and Seth tells a joke from 20 years ago. Direct Audio Link

E31 – The Great Quote-along

Matt likes Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer! I don’t think he meant the song.. We talk about our favorite movies to quote, and Seth is on steroids! Direct Link to Audio

E30 – Jabbing On Yer Juice Jaw

Seth and Matt discuss a variety of topics like knock-off cartoon sharks ripping off the Three Stooges Direct Audio Link Here’s the stupid shark

E29 – L.I.V.I.N.

Party down by the moon tower later on. Seth and Matt add a super cool intro. I mean, check this fucker out. We should do audio engineering or something. Fucking A. Audio Link

E28 – Everyday I Am Time Traveling

Seth and Matt are back for the new year. Time traveling shows and anime are among the topics conversed. Direct audio link

Classic SmathCast – E27

Seth and Matt add an outro and discuss tons of things. Matt is medicated fir a kidney stone and Seth is on a diet. Alos the hippie cut his hair. Audio Link Here is a glimpse at the pleasant surprise of PPL MVR

Crazy Bread – E26

Seth knows answers to things because he is a tattooed hippy and we change his name to Crazy Bread. Cut it a little short because we lost some audio. Don’t fret! We will record something new, pretty soon. Audio Link

Nose Accident

I was in the shower and toward the end of my rituals, washing my face, lightly scrubbing and I must have gotten carried away. My pinky finger hooked my nostril in a jerky motion attempting to separate my nose from the rest of my face. I have washed my face thousands of times. Never before… Read more »

Awkward Share – E25

Seth and Matt discuss their love for anime and good programming, art even when it is an advertisement. Users are everywhere. Audio Link

Capulets and Romulans – E24

Seth and Matt give a brief review The Fear of 13 and Citizen 4, talk about some knucklehead skydiving into a giant net, wonder if gypsies are real, don’t understand pinterest, and gotta catch em all Pokemon GO. Audio Link