Monthly Archives: December 30, 2015

Privacy – E05

Seth and Matt discuss scooters (not hoverboards), some JOCO people who were suspected of growing pot, and some science stuff. Here is an updated link to the Washing Post article. Audio Link

Spoiler Alerts – E04

Seth and Matt discuss spoilers and how to avoid them, the BerenstEIn vs BerenstAIn universes, and Dobby. Audio Link

We Like Robot Movies – E03

If you are going to tell people you are podcasting, you should probably only say nice things about their eyebrows. Ready Player One – anyone? Audio link

Seth Has a Hobby – E02

What is the most feminine thing you do? How do you begin a new hobby? Why is The Goonies the best movie of all time? and Why is Jar Jar such a good Sith?