Monthly Archives: February 21, 2016

Pork-chops and Applesauce – E11

How do you make friends as an adult? I’m not comfortable being our of my comfort zone. KC Royals have won Matt back over after losing consistently for many years, while Seth hangs onto football as his sport of choice. Audio Link

Who Needs Cursive – E10

You can take the man out of Raytown, but you can’t take the Raytown out of the man. Chicken and waffles are slap-yo-mama-good! Who do we need to talk to about a chicken wing jingle? We were thinking we could add some value on this. Seth gets it right in the feels about Pixar movies…. Read more »

Keep Turning the Crank – E09

SmathCast is on Windows phone! Who in the hell has a Windows phone? I didn’t know that was still a thing…Netflix is killing it with the original programming and Seth is thinking about cutting the cord (to cable). Jackie Chan’s greatest hit is still Rumble in the Bronx, sorry Rush Hour. Audio Link

All That She Wants Is Another Baby – E08

Seth remembers every lyric to Ace of Base and Matt saw Lion King way too many times. Acoustic versions of songs get Seth right in the feels, especially the Foo. More fun than a game show hosted by Marc Summers, and guaranteed to feel better than taking a piece of the Crag home with you!… Read more »