Monthly Archives: March 30, 2016

Dreams are Trippy – E14

Random fact – SmathCast is Seth and Matt and Podcast all smushed together! Holy crap that is creative! Genetically modify humans to have super powers – it’s right around the corner! I know, I know – it’s CRISPR and CAS9 (not cs9). Seth and Matt discuss mutants and X-Men and some Asian boy who can… Read more »

Desmond’s Hatch – E13

I cannot believe we couldn’t remember Desmond’s name. Patrick Stewart is not discussed. Alfonso is my first choice for trivia Life Game. Glen Danzig is a go to form test submission. Seth remembers his middle name, and you are not the only one who notices a smile fading. Audio Link

Spaceballs and Little Princess – E12

I am surrounded by assholes! Many people out there have no idea what a Mog is, where the line “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I’m all out of bubble gum” originated, or how ridiculous A Little Princess is! I mean, that kid’s dad was literally one house over with the… Read more »