Monthly Archives: April 27, 2016

Steven Seagal Fish – E18

Less feedback, more signal! We do not care if you have reasons to not build a Shire in OK – it still seems like a good idea. Bitcoin and crypto-currency, Owen Wilson impersonations, pillow-forts and dusty ass beer. Audio Link

Root Beer – E17

Special Guest Root joins Seth and Matt this week. Drawing lines and fake IDs; people from Oklahoma would be a lot cooler if they built a shire full of hobbit homes; working on the weekend sucks. Audio Link

Youtube Videos for Everyone – E16

Seth and Matt discuss having a guest on the last episode; peanut butter and hot sauce make ramen noodles tastier; Weird Al gets respect; Youtube has a video for everything. How to fix your car’s blower motor – check! How to make the perfect scrambled eggs – they got it! How to build a recording… Read more »

Ki Makes Wreaths – E15

Opening Day for KC Royals, the longest game of catch, and everyone and their mom is having a suburban block party! Seth and Matt are joined by Ki who has a passion for wreath making. What career or job would you want if money was not a factor? Audio Link