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E32 – Let Me Google That For You

Seth and Matt decide to start a ska band and get skanky in the pit. Matt is experienced in everything science related alphabetically A though K; and Seth tells a joke from 20 years ago. Direct Audio Link

E31 – The Great Quote-along

Matt likes Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer! I don’t think he meant the song.. We talk about our favorite movies to quote, and Seth is on steroids! Direct Link to Audio

E30 – Jabbing On Yer Juice Jaw

Seth and Matt discuss a variety of topics like knock-off cartoon sharks ripping off the Three Stooges Direct Audio Link Here’s the stupid shark

E29 – L.I.V.I.N.

Party down by the moon tower later on. Seth and Matt add a super cool intro. I mean, check this fucker out. We should do audio engineering or something. Fucking A. Audio Link

E28 – Everyday I Am Time Traveling

Seth and Matt are back for the new year. Time traveling shows and anime are among the topics conversed. Direct audio link

Classic SmathCast – E27

Seth and Matt add an outro and discuss tons of things. Matt is medicated fir a kidney stone and Seth is on a diet. Alos the hippie cut his hair. Audio Link Here is a glimpse at the pleasant surprise of PPL MVR

Crazy Bread – E26

Seth knows answers to things because he is a tattooed hippy and we change his name to Crazy Bread. Cut it a little short because we lost some audio. Don’t fret! We will record something new, pretty soon. Audio Link

Nose Accident

I was in the shower and toward the end of my rituals, washing my face, lightly scrubbing and I must have gotten carried away. My pinky finger hooked my nostril in a jerky motion attempting to separate my nose from the rest of my face. I have washed my face thousands of times. Never before… Read more »

Awkward Share – E25

Seth and Matt discuss their love for anime and good programming, art even when it is an advertisement. Users are everywhere. Audio Link

Capulets and Romulans – E24

Seth and Matt give a brief review The Fear of 13 and Citizen 4, talk about some knucklehead skydiving into a giant net, wonder if gypsies are real, don’t understand pinterest, and gotta catch em all Pokemon GO. Audio Link

Demogorgon Slugs – E23

Seth and Matt are cleaning up the format – we have some current events, a review of Stranger Things, a bet you didn’t know that segment and mostly just talking trash about different things after a short break. Audio Link

They Are Watching – E22

Seth and Matt discuss how birds are stupid. If Seth could punch one out of the air, he would. Everyone hates geese. They are nasty. That’s why they are called fowl, because they are foul. Stupid birds. Other things are discussed, but man, birds are so dumb. Audio Link

Going Under – E21

Seth and Matt work on isolating background noise and removing the poor quality of the audio. Have you ever saved someone? Got ideas for the SmathCast? Email us, Tweet us, Facebook us! Audio Link

Lee-Lee-Lee and me and SMG! – E20

Scientists put dinosaur legs on a chicken? Seth goes on a diet. Lee drops by but doesn’t say much. We’re talking fucking Lee! Audio Link

Sledgehammer – E19

Seth and Matt discuss their all-time favorite music videos…what was I talking about? I forgot. Oh – wait, I remember! Fake spoiler alerts and practical jokes. Audio Link

Steven Seagal Fish – E18

Less feedback, more signal! We do not care if you have reasons to not build a Shire in OK – it still seems like a good idea. Bitcoin and crypto-currency, Owen Wilson impersonations, pillow-forts and dusty ass beer. Audio Link

Root Beer – E17

Special Guest Root joins Seth and Matt this week. Drawing lines and fake IDs; people from Oklahoma would be a lot cooler if they built a shire full of hobbit homes; working on the weekend sucks. Audio Link

Youtube Videos for Everyone – E16

Seth and Matt discuss having a guest on the last episode; peanut butter and hot sauce make ramen noodles tastier; Weird Al gets respect; Youtube has a video for everything. How to fix your car’s blower motor – check! How to make the perfect scrambled eggs – they got it! How to build a recording… Read more »

Ki Makes Wreaths – E15

Opening Day for KC Royals, the longest game of catch, and everyone and their mom is having a suburban block party! Seth and Matt are joined by Ki who has a passion for wreath making. What career or job would you want if money was not a factor? Audio Link

Dreams are Trippy – E14

Random fact – SmathCast is Seth and Matt and Podcast all smushed together! Holy crap that is creative! Genetically modify humans to have super powers – it’s right around the corner! I know, I know – it’s CRISPR and CAS9 (not cs9). Seth and Matt discuss mutants and X-Men and some Asian boy who can… Read more »

Desmond’s Hatch – E13

I cannot believe we couldn’t remember Desmond’s name. Patrick Stewart is not discussed. Alfonso is my first choice for trivia Life Game. Glen Danzig is a go to form test submission. Seth remembers his middle name, and you are not the only one who notices a smile fading. Audio Link

Spaceballs and Little Princess – E12

I am surrounded by assholes! Many people out there have no idea what a Mog is, where the line “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I’m all out of bubble gum” originated, or how ridiculous A Little Princess is! I mean, that kid’s dad was literally one house over with the… Read more »

Pork-chops and Applesauce – E11

How do you make friends as an adult? I’m not comfortable being our of my comfort zone. KC Royals have won Matt back over after losing consistently for many years, while Seth hangs onto football as his sport of choice. Audio Link

Who Needs Cursive – E10

You can take the man out of Raytown, but you can’t take the Raytown out of the man. Chicken and waffles are slap-yo-mama-good! Who do we need to talk to about a chicken wing jingle? We were thinking we could add some value on this. Seth gets it right in the feels about Pixar movies…. Read more »

Keep Turning the Crank – E09

SmathCast is on Windows phone! Who in the hell has a Windows phone? I didn’t know that was still a thing…Netflix is killing it with the original programming and Seth is thinking about cutting the cord (to cable). Jackie Chan’s greatest hit is still Rumble in the Bronx, sorry Rush Hour. Audio Link

All That She Wants Is Another Baby – E08

Seth remembers every lyric to Ace of Base and Matt saw Lion King way too many times. Acoustic versions of songs get Seth right in the feels, especially the Foo. More fun than a game show hosted by Marc Summers, and guaranteed to feel better than taking a piece of the Crag home with you!… Read more »

Yeah? – E07

Seth is back from vacation and returns to KC weather (4 degrees). We have HAD IT! with people calling pets “fur babies”, Uber GPS is a thing, and we need an intro to this thing. The more you know: “MOSHI MOSHI” – “Hello.” This is used to say “hello” when you talk on the telephone… Read more »

Ramen – E06

Ramen fries, WIll It Waffle?, caramel-ly foods that will or won’t waffle! You need to get that ramen game elevated, son! Audio Link

Privacy – E05

Seth and Matt discuss scooters (not hoverboards), some JOCO people who were suspected of growing pot, and some science stuff. Here is an updated link to the Washing Post article. Audio Link

Spoiler Alerts – E04

Seth and Matt discuss spoilers and how to avoid them, the BerenstEIn vs BerenstAIn universes, and Dobby. Audio Link

We Like Robot Movies – E03

If you are going to tell people you are podcasting, you should probably only say nice things about their eyebrows. Ready Player One – anyone? Audio link

Seth Has a Hobby – E02

What is the most feminine thing you do? How do you begin a new hobby? Why is The Goonies the best movie of all time? and Why is Jar Jar such a good Sith?

Breathing Technique – E01

Seth takes Nolie to Chucky Cheese and brings up Wim Hof and some other stuff. This one runs a bit long. Still determining our format. Audio Link

Mic Check – E00

The maiden voyage for Seth and Matt’s podcast and garageband with plenty of interference and distractions. A creative experiment that is sure to evolve and get better as time passes, if we can keep at it. Audio Link